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Yoghurt – Ayran Starter Cultures

VITALIC Yoghurt – Ayran Starter Cultures


Produced for fermented products like yoghurt and ayran; quality and healty products with long shelf life are produced with the VITALIC Starter cultures which meets the customer satisfaction.

VITALIC Yoghurt- Ayran Starter Cultures are divided into groups according to main functions.

  • Acidity development: The starter culture group of bacterias with slow to fast acidity development.
  • Flavour formation: Consist of bacterias that producing flavour in different rates and classified according to their flavour production rates.
  • Structure formation:  Classified according to their exopolisaccarit production, a molecule provides viscosity in yoghurt and ayran. 


*In order to determine the best apropriate culture type for you, please contact our technical personel.