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Vitalic MPG

Enriched Monopropylene Glycol


Purpose of Use

 Milk yield that starts with birth increases the energy requirement rapidly.

The increasing need for energy causes the fat in the body to break down as an energy source. The liver cannot tolerate this destruction, which is much more than normal. As a result, this situation causes ketosis disease with the presence of ketone  in the blood and acetone odor in the animal. In the prevention and treatment of ketosis, the animal's energy balance is adjusted and care is taken not to fall into negative energy balance.

 In addition, it protects against pregnancy toxemia by meeting the increasing energy need in the last period of pregnancy. Vitalic MPG provides energy to the animal and contains B group vitamins that stimulate energy metabolism.


Negative energy balance in cows and sheep, in addition to many problems , causes metabolic disease called ketosis.

• Vitalic MPG is effective in activating energy metabolism and providing energy to the animal.

• Vitalic MPG Contains propylene glycol, sorbitol as well as vitamins niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5) and hydroxy methylcobalamin (B12).

• It prevents the animal  from falling into negative energy balance.

• Provides extra energy before and after birth.

• Regulates metabolism thanks to B group complex vitamins.

• Supports  VFA(Volatile Fatty Acids) with Ca-propionate and Na-propyanate.

• Supports calcium metabolism thanks to its Ca-propionate.

• It is an easy to use and fast effective product.

Application Methods

500 ml Should be given to the cows at the beginning of birth. And 500 ml 12 hours after birth.

500 ml should be given to the cows day for 3-7 days from birth, to protect against ketosis.

In order to protect cows against pregnancy toxemia, starting 1 week before birth, 500 ml should be given to the cow.

In sheep and goats, the dose should be adjusted  according to the weight of the animal The daily rate of use is 1.5 - 2 ml of vitalic MPG for each  kg of the animal , at the times indicated.

Warnings and Precautions

• For animal use only.

• WARNING THIS IS NOT A MEDICINE. Vitalic MPG is a feed additive. It is not used for treatment.

• Use the product in its original bottle by shaking it well before use.

• Do not drink to animals that are  unable to swallowing reflex.

Storage conditions

• Store at an embiente temperature. Do not freeze the product.

Packaging type: 500 ml, 5 lt and 20lt