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Teeth Mould

 Production of Tooth Mould With Laser & Scanning Technology
Tooth Mould

  • DIN 1.2083 quality hardened steel7
  • 52 HRC hardness.
  • Working conditions in high pressures.
  • Long life, low total cost.
  • Because mould efficiency, low teeth production cyle time.
  • Absoult integrity tooth body by sensitive mould seperating surface and Positioning of  tooth part in mould.


Burr Thickness
Product burr thickness 0.08 mm.
Completion of production with polishing process without making
Milling process

Low Cost
Forms produced by created digital library if required possibility to reproduced again at low costs.
Damaged Forms
Create a new master by correcting damaged forms.


Elimination of symmetry errors by mirroring technology.

Letter and Writings
Writing desired letter and articles on tooth.

Color Transitions
Providing desired form and color transitions.

Laser Scanning
Rapid prototyping
Measuring complex unquantified geometries in high quality and efficiency measuring of complex geometries with high efficiency.
30.000 points per second scan on 25 mm line.
3 µm precision


Dot - Mesh – Surface
Modelling of part at CAD norms.
Using advanced CAD softwares;
New design of  teeth
Copying, sample teeth with 3 µm precision
Correction and redesign of asymmetry and faults at the sample teeth.
Controlling numeric models.
Reverse engineering applications.
Measurement analyses between damaged and designed forms.
Neck, dentine and transparent volume calculations.
Comparison analysis.

CNC Vertical Process
High speed vertical machining centre 40.000 rpm
3 µm sensitivity.
0.1 µm cutting tools handling capacity.
Application of cutting liquid with MICROJET technique.
Automatic reset probe.

Tools Holder
Tribos tools holder technology.

Laser Measurement
Cutter tools measuring diameter and length with 0,001 sensitivity.

Using advanced CAM softwares;
By CAM programme determined tool path strategies needed for operation.
With the specified tool path strategies MULTIPLICATION-DIPPING analysis made with cutter tool.
Cutter tools make cutting and dipping analysis according to model.
Determining processing times.
Simulation Analysis