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Milktaxi Food Processing Machine

Made of stainless steel.
Easy transport through the wheels
Disposed to the base between the jakeets has a heater of special ceramics
4 versions as 80, 120, 200 and 250 liter.
Brings the milk/juice to the desired temperature as soon as possible by a powerful heater.
Milk / food distribution, is done with an electric pump with battery.
Süt/mama dağıtımı, aküsü sayesinde elektrikli bir pompa ile yapılır.(charge is sufficient up to 1 hour)
The desired amount of milk / food dispersed to the buckets by automatic dosing system
The control panel allows you to adjust the desired temprature of food
The control panel allows you to disperse the food by 5 different program.
While the process of heating the milk / water per cm ² at a temperature, heats equal.
Makes homogeneous mix food and ready to dispere with in 20 seconds by powerfull heater.
Dosing system can be calibrated
Miltaxi works by 380 V electric power. Charge the batteries at the same time the plug is inserted.
Extremely easy to clean due to the stainless steel surface and runner parts placed to below.
After washing the inside of the boiler, distillation arm attached to tank and recirculation is operated. By this way, the cleaning of the whole line will be made​​.
Dirty water is drained easily with a drain valve located at the bottom and rinsed with water.