Teknik Destek

Satış Departmanı

Double Milking, Double Churn

  •  Vacumm Pump

Direct coupled to Electric engine, Dry system rotary vane  

160 Lt/min capacity

  • Power Supply

1425 rpm, 0,55 KW,50 Hz,220 V  monophase electric engine

  • Milking Cluster

Plastic Milking cluster, Stainless steel nipple case

  • Churn

2pcs 30 Lt (30 lt can be produced according to request) Stainless Steel Churn and Transparent cover

30 Lt Aliminium Churn is also available

  • Pulsator

2 pcs 60/40 pneumatic Pulsator

  • Vacumm Tank

Electrostatics paint ı 25 Lt volume steel tank

  • Chasis

Produced from steel pipe and electrostatics paint

  • Dimensions

Wide (mm)       :800

Length (mm)    :1330

Height (mm)     :980

Weight (Kg)      :56(Al), 57(St)