In order to provide to our customers high quality products and better services , we combined in one stand our know how, knowlegde and the experience we gained  in the food sector since 1990 .This new concept's phylosophy is: Producing high quality, more hygienic products, in a shorter time; ensuring maximum preservation of the natural taste of the food products,  being able to offer all our services to our  customers at affordable prices while paying  the necessary attention to nature and human .  In brief, we have given to this service concept the name BESTFOOD (BF) because  we are aware that, life is in the fact of  producing better food in industries.
BF can provide support in turnkey facilities , in the design, the planning, the machine  selection, installation and the comissioning,  while providing complete procurement for  consumable and auxiliary materials in  the production phase. our ingineers specialist, of product development programs  ensure  on-site,  production assistance and keep you informed  about new  technologies .  BF Sales Representatives regularly visit you and  contribute to operating costs with optimal stock  level adjustments.  Your BF sales representative  will follow up all your purchasing processes for you.  If you want to benefit of the many advantages  offered by BF concept, just contact us by  phone and contact your BF representative.  Maybe you don't know them yet ,but they know you and know your needs.