About Company

İntermak established in Konya city, since 1990, our company has been serving as a manufacturer in the milk and food sector. Under the BF-Best Food concept, we operate with innovative production understanding based on service to people and the environment in all the stages from the farm to table . Our activities can be grouped into four groups:


1-Turnkey  milk processing plants and farms , Investment consulting and engineering services.


2- MİLKOL and SELECTIVE : Manufacturing equipments for the dairy and food industry, especially for the milk processing plants and farms. Milking machines, Milk cooling tanks, Milk transportation and storage tank, Milk processing equipments, Pasteurizers and equipments for yoghurt and cheese. We are also manufacturing turnkey milk processing, Jam, candy, molasses, icecream plants.


3- PROVITA , SUPER MAYA: Under this brand we have been producing additives like Cheese rennet,stabilizer, emulgator and starter cultures.


4- INTEM: Under the INTEM brand we produce Industrial hygiene materials for the Milk processing plants, food processing plants etc...


 We  are also selecting, purchasing  the products which are not in our production range and suppliying  at a good quality.


İNTERMAK has 2 factories with 8.000 m2 closed area. Our youngs educated cadres, ensure the Reashearch and developpements works , follow thetechnological evolution in the world and offer to our customers the most modern technology in the dairy and Food industry sector . Our Unchangeable principle, since 28 years, is "maximum customer satisfaction". In our strong marketing department , one representative is assigned to each customer. Since 1990 we have been exporting to more than 20 countries.


For years, our slogan is "Your partner in the Milk and Food Sector". With this principle we  provide maximum customer satisfaction through our  after sales service.