About Company

Intermak was established in 1990, more than 20 years serving as a manufacturer in the field of dairy and food industry. Our activities can be grouped as follows:

1- MİLKOL and SELECTIVE : Manufacturing equipments for the dairy and food industry, especially for the milk processing plants and farms. Milking machines, Milk cooling tanks, Milk transportation and storage tank, Milk processing equipments, Pasteurizers and equipments for yoghurt and cheese. We are also manufacturing turnkey milk processing, Jam, candy, molasses, icecream plants.

2- PROVITA , SUPER MAYA: Production of food additives like Cheese rennet,stabilizer, emulgator and starter cultures.

3- INTEM: Industrial hygiene materials for the Milk processing plants, food processing plants ana farms.

4- Purchasing the goods with appropriate price and quality which are not in our production range.

Intermak with its 8000 m2 closed area and young educated staff consantrates on Reseach&Development and new world technologies.Our unchanging principle since 20 years is 'Maximum customer satisfaction'Our marketing staff has Allocated sepereately to each customer and visiting them regularly.Our export team is exporting more than 20 countries of the world.