BF Consept
BF Philosophy

When we gathered the experience and acknowledge that we got for 27 years in food industry sector under the single roof, were combined everything to produce high quality products in a same manner and system.This new formation’s service consept ; to demonstrate due diligence to people and nature with quality standarts and to provide affordable prices and service to our customers by maximum protection of natural flavors with better quality and more hygienic. In short, our work come to life in enterprises within the framework of the food products to be better we named this service concept as BESTFOOD in shortly BF.

BF serve on working places designe, planning, machine selection, installation and turnkey projects and also support you for the auxiliary materials and consumable materials during production. Our team of expert engineers aware of our customers new technologies and provide you help on site production. Our company sales representatives visit you regularly and contribute to your company optimal stock adjustments for your low cost operations. Your sales represantative will follow all your purchasing proces. If you want to get advantage of BF concept, you can call your sales representative. They know you and your needs even if you dont know them.